Our Delicious Menu

Improve your health

Our vegetarian menu helps to maintain one of human’s treasures which is health.  Hippocrates used to say “Let food be our medicine and medicine be our food.” Wise words that have been proven with time through medical studies that have researched the energy and vitality  provided by vegetables, fruits and cereals essential for the human body.


Authentic Vegetarian Cuisine

VEGAN & JUICE has  the solution to improving your health through nutrition.  We have a diverse daily menu, where you can choose between 8 to 10 dishes for a delicious lunch or dinner. We also have assorted  tropical fruit juices which have nutritional value due to the combinations which include ginger, cashews, wheatgrass and more.

Good Food.. Good Health

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring animal-caring health conscious cuisine to food levels in Sweetwater.

Fresh Ingredients

Preserving your health depends on eating lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals and water in the most natural and ecological way

Fresh Ingredients

Our fresh organic ingredients come from local farms and small distribution companies and all of our dishes are completely vegetarian.

Fresh Ingredients

Adiction to carbohydrates affects 50% of the population causing constipation, obesity and insulin resistance

Vegetarian diet for good health

Diet that excludes meat, eggs and dairy can help prevent, reduce many chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease, we are able to purse our goals and live a more enjoyable life.

Fresh Ingredients

Continuous consumption of refined foods such as sweets, salts, cereals, flours, margarine, and fried foods increase the incidence of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

Food groups Healthy

Vegetarian diet includes fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes (Lentils, beans and peas) nuts and seeds, These food groups provide all the energy, protein, minerals and fats necessary for excellent health.

Fresh Ingredients

In the vegetal kingdom, we can find all the amino-acids and proteins required for achieving a healthy nutrition.